Indian Exhibitions

by - February 09, 2014

If you are a non-Indian, and would ever think of visiting India, then I suggest hunting for exhibitions. The most local of the exhibitions will have great stuff. Alright, though I never really go there, and it's just my mom who goes there and buys stuff, I really love whatever she buys. An exhibition has anything- car, ornaments, education information, clothes, etc. But the exhibitions I'm talking about are specifically about accessories, ornaments, jewelry and/or clothes. You will find typical Indian things in these places. And these things aren't common (like I told you, I don't like having things like others). You will get amazing items in these exhibitions.
I've put photos of few items that my mom had bought from one of these exhibitions-

The design that you see on these purses/bags is Warli design (except for the black wallet), or typically known as Warli Painting. Warli being one of the villages near Mumbai, Maharashtra, have such paintings to depict daily happenings and news. The trick behind these paintings is the usage of geometrical shapes.
I had done a project on this, in my First Year.

The black pouch in middle, is my pencil case (yes, I changed that clear case). The purple and beige colored bag that you see is one of my favorites on traditional dresses.

I hope you loved the collection. Do visit an exhibition soon!

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