My First Pair of REAL Heels // Forever 21 Wedges

by - March 23, 2014

All the girls who go to Forever 21, click photos in the trial rooms, or sometimes buy the clothes, and then hash-tag them on Instagram or elsewhere, let me frankly express, You Girls Are Right! Forever 21 is the HEAVEN for shopping.
I haven't jaw-dropped entering a store, for the whole time, ever in my life. Just never.
But F21 is absolutely stunning. Girls come out of the store happily, sadly, or sometimes wishing that they had enough money to buy the entire shop!
If you have visited an F21 store, and haven't felt like buying all the items, I guess you probably don't have a good taste in fashion.
I'm not stereotyping here, but if you don't go wacky entering it, you're not sane at all.

This store has clothes for all the types of girls --  tomboy, chic, professional, black lovers, and so on.

I was amazed to see a Guns N' Roses print on two of the tops.
And another good aspect of it is the price. How can they sell their items for such a less and affordable price?

Well, I bought the first heels of my life from this shop, and they'll be memorable throughout my life. My best friends didn't like them, but anyway, I'm enthralled by their beauty.

I love clothes/shoes that have the names of the brand printed on them.

I'd read it in a magazine that wedges are the best shoes to try for the first time. I've not really worn high heels, other than the traditional and ethnic box-heels. They're not heels as such, but I refer them as heels.

I was trying for a black colour before buying these. But they did not have black in my size. And earlier I had decided to buy pumps, but they were not comfortable after I tried them out.

These are comfortable, and that's what fashion is, according to me.

And lastly, I've kept them in my cupboard, on the secret box, and shifted the teddy to the left.

Do you remember your first pair of heels?

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