Star Bazaar Mini Haul

by - March 30, 2014

I had never heard or read of the word 'Haul' in reference to shopping, until I heard it in the YouTube videos. So I searched it in the online dictionaries, where they meant the meaning was something totally absurd in respect of shopping. But then I searched the Urban Dictionary, and then that's how I could calm down.
I definitely cannot write a post or the post title, without knowing the meaning of the words it has.

On Urban Dictionary, the meaning of the word 'haul' is 'shopping spree'. So let me change the title from Haul to MINI Haul, because I haven't shopped crazily, but just picked few items.

I went with my cousin brother and my aunt to Star Bazaar. She had to buy toiletries, detergents, groceries, etc. So she called me to accompany them.
While just passing by the racks, I picked up few items, and put them in the cart (and of course, these items include stationary too!)

These are the items. Not a big haul, but anyway, I loved every item I purchased.

Green File
Firstly, I loved the colour of the file. It is sort of teal, but more towards the green colour. Other colours available were yellow, white and blue. This was the best amongst all. 

It opens from two sides. The other sides are closed. I'll put the assignment sheets and then carry them to the college on submission dates. 
And I got this file for Rs. 11. Indeed a best buy.

Apsara Erasers
The eraser I had in my pencil pouch wasn't the best, really. It often turned the page black while rubbing. And I realized it while I was drawing diagram of a DSLR, before the exam.
I saw this packet, and immediately put it in the cart. I got these two erasers for Rs. 10. I guess it is expensive. 

Sheet Protectors
I used these protectors to submit my assignments and projects; hardly one or two are left now. I got this pack expensively; 10 sheet protectors for Rs. 25. 
The next time I go to the Crawford Market, I'm going to buy these in wholesale rate. They're so handy. I often submit my papers in these. They make your project to stand out amongst other projects.

I'm planning of joining gym from the 1st of the next month, and no, I'm not fooling you. 
I got this juice-can so that I could have a healthy drink after gym. And I just got one juice-can, to see how long it gets to finish the can, and then accordingly I'll purchase the next time. 
I got it for Rs. 90.

Do you go shopping at such departmental stores? 

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