Birthday Card

by - March 10, 2014

I turned 20 today, which means I'm no longer a teenager. But I definitely don't look or feel like an adult.

Anyway, one of my very close friends 'Rutuja Nagwekar' gifted me a handmade greeting card.
It is so beautifully done, that I had to mention about it on TPCG.

I loved the colours she has used. And more importantly, the efforts are visible in the card. What more can I ask for?

Do you know how she has done this? She has used decorative/Washi tapes of two colours- silver and red. And she has also used a beautiful golden coloured tape for the edges of the card.

She has stuck a gift paper with little stars on it. Stars are one of my favourite shapes!

And she made this envelope all by herself, too. I don't know to make envelopes, but she's going to teach us. (So there is a Reader's Post that is coming soon!)

And about the gift wrap, she has put few things to personalize it.
The ribbon is, of course, one of the friendship bands.

She has stuck a piece of an old greeting card's envelope as label, as she didn't have one at home.

I guess you guys should definitely take some ideas from the greeting!

P.S. She also gifted me a lovely photo frame. 

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