Highlighter Crazy

by - March 07, 2014

I came home from college to see this parcel! And I literally cried!

I'm so happy to receive the first gift for my blog, that I actually kept it in front of God, and put two tiny dots of Haldi-Kunku on it!

Thank you so much, Kores.

I'm so excited. I'm in love with them. A hearty 'thanks' to Kores for gifting me these gorgeous highlighters.

And I seriously wonder how did they know I wanted multiple highlighters, and was going to buy them?

I was thinking of replacing my one fat pink highlighter, with thin highlighters, for having variety in highlighting things.

Different coloured highlighters can give you an opportunity to colour-code various things. For example, Pink can be the topic's name, Green can be the sub-topic, Yellow can be the pointers, and so on.

I definitely am keeping these in my pencil case.

For all those who are thinking of purchasing them, don't worry, I've clicked few photos for your concern.

This pack comes in 4 multi-coloured highlighters, costing Rs. 25 each. So if you would want to buy just one colour, you can definitely go and buy it.

These are some of the specifications which are unique. (I'm feeling like I'm a stationary-specialist!)

The body is transparent, and you can see the interior of it, which is definitely entertaining!


I hope you like the highlighters.

And a big THANK YOU to all of you. This wouldn't have been possible without you.


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