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by - March 12, 2014

I had written a different post, but then I thought of publishing it in a few days.

So I'll quickly tell about my personal dictionary, as I have wasted all the evening, and it is night-time now. Also, I have to study tonight.


Remember I had mentioned about a self-dictionary? Well, I named it as Personal Dictionary for TPCG.

If you love a language, or are preparing yourself for a good vocabulary lesson this summer, then having a dictionary of your own is useful.
I haven't written words on it for a long time, but I know I will, in the summer vacation (since I have decided to upgrade my vocabulary).

This book is from my childhood, maybe from six to seven years back. I tried it as a HW DIARY (as you can see in the picture), but failed at writing my homework in it from time to time.
So later I switched it to a MEANINGS diary.
Whenever I came across a difficult word, I referred to a dictionary, and then wrote the word, with its meaning (of course), in the MEANINGS diary.

The dictionary should have an alphabetical arrangement in it. Write the meanings like a miser, since you will have less space.

Leave one page, and then on the second page, write 'B' on the top, and write the words beginning with B below it.

Repeat the steps for all the alphabets, and you have a personal dictionary of your own!

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