Study Essentials // March '14

by - March 05, 2014

The last time I posted about things you'll need while studying, was long back, perhaps when the blog was new.

I always love showing my stationary items, and giving tips for studying. And I love the essentials, so much, this time. This post is an updated one, with the things I used/am using while studying for the finals this semester.

  1. Agenda // I need an agenda while studying. Sometimes I decide to study a subject after two days, and I know that remembering it after two days is really difficult. So as soon as I decide something like this, I write it in the agenda. Sometimes while studying, we suddenly remember few things that are supposed to be done, say next Wednesday (this should not happen, I know. You must concentrate on studies, and not think about anything other than studying. But I lack concentration, and maybe this is one of the reasons why I don't read books), and you really need to jot it down somewhere so that you don't forget. Then I think writing it in your agenda is better than writing it on a piece of paper.
  2. Self-Notes and Papers // If you're making self-notes like I do, keep the blank papers with you, because obviously you will need them. And if you're a book-person, then keep your book besides. Whatever it is, self-notes must be beside you while you study. 
  3. Text Books // This semester, surprisingly, I did not purchase any text book, rather issued it from the library. I don't have any strong reason for why I did this. Having a textbook is essential, no matter from where you get it! 
  4. College Notes // My six subject notebook definitely got heavier by the end of the semester. Keep your college notes next to you. You never know when you would need to refer them. Plus the Question Bank, which is something very important, is in your college notes.
  5. Pencil Case // I'm definitely going to change my pencil case, and replace it with some other. Anyway, keep your pencil case, or pencil case essentials next to you. 
  6. Rulers // So I required it to draw diagrams, which I'd never expected in BMM. 
  7. Pens // I know you've killed me twice after seeing this gorgeous pen. I'm going to a write a post on it, soon. And guess what? It is one of the best buys of March. 
  8. Coloured Pens // When I am bored of writing, and haven't written (studied) much, I use these coloured pens. Because if I tell my mom that I'm bored of studying, she replies saying that I have just started it, and I'm bored already? So these pens are definitely your saviour! 
  9. Pencils // Pencils are required to draw diagrams, or underline important sentences from text book. I know, using a pencil in text books is like a nerdy thing, but if your book is second-hand, like mine, then there's no option other than to use pencils.
  10. Highlighters // Like I told you, I use highlighter to highlight the topic's name in my self-notes. If you are a highlight-everything-important person, I bet you'll need them! 
  11. U-pins // My self-notes are incomplete without these. 
  12. Binder clips // You can bind pages together. Plus if you have cute ones like mine, I bet you'll just find reasons to use them.
  13. Eraser // To rub off the nasty diagrams.
  14. Plain Index Cards // Umm, I must admit, these are not index cards. One of my society members works in a medical office, and she got these for free. She passed it on to everyone in the society. I hope you know these cards/papers are used by doctors. 
  15. Index Cards // You have no idea how nicely I've used index cards this semester. I used them for writing the Distinguish Between type of answers. Don't worry, I'll be writing a post on how to use these cards! 

That's pretty much it. You can keep a packet of your favourite snack next to you, in case your cravings are calling you. Plus, a water bottle, for the hot season.

I hope I helped.
I would love to know what your essentials are. Do comment below mentioning the same. 

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