Best Buy(s) // March

by - March 31, 2014

Well, well, again stationary purchases, and few regular items. But a big and a FAVOURITE buy too this month.

Green File
I bought it just yesterday. I really cannot wait to submit my project in this file. Of course I'm not submitting my project in this, but will just carry it with the project, during submissions. A fancy file always makes you confident. 
I got it for Rs. 11. And I think that is cheap. 
It is closed from two sides, and open from the other too (obviously). I loved the teal colour; it looks chic. I got this file from Star Bazaar, Korum Mall. 

Forever 21 Wedges
I loved this best buy so much, that I made a post on it immediately a day later. Indeed this is my FAVOURITE buy of the month.
I got these á la mode pair of wedges from Forever 21, Viviana Mall, for Rs. 1460, under discount. 
As they are my first shoes, I had planned the budget to be Rs. 1500 or under. What a perfect buy!
I'm in love with these cherry reds. 

Parker Beta Pen
And this is yet another favourite buy this month, but favourite with caps lock off (if that makes any difference).
I got this adorable pen for Rs. 125, from a stationary store at hair's breadth to my house.
It's a ball point pen, and not the ink one; but loved it.
The design on it is what IS the best part of the buy.

Does this setup look too childish? 
Anyway I got these pastel coloured napkins for Rs 30; not Rs. 30 each, but the packet of three napkins for Rs. 30. (which means Rs. 10 each. Good to know that I'm good at maths. Well, just kidding)
Like I told you earlier, napkins are essential in summer. They're so good in absorbing oils from your face.

White Paint and Paint Brush
I'm getting more excited to share the 'Project paint' with you guys. I bought a can of white paint along with the brush for Rs. 80. I'd never thought that the paint would be so inexpensive.
I've painted quite a large part of the furniture, and still the paint is more than half-way left.
Actually I bought this from my neighbour's shop, and so I got a petty discount, but whatever, the price is still acceptable, with or without the discount.

What are your best buys of March? 

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