How to Cope up with Exam Stress on your Birthday

by - March 11, 2014

Almost 99% of my birthdays have been on an exam day. And by now, I've become an expert in handling the stress, or the no-concentration-because-of-birthday feeling.

This year, my exam began on my birthday itself. But I was prepared for that. Everybody has a different way of studying, or preparing for exams before they commence. I don't really start studying for the exam in a month, but in a week before its commencement.

So if you ask me how I cope up, it's simple. The papers on, before and after, that is, around your birthday should be given first priority.
For example, I had Introduction to Advertising on my birthday, and will have Introduction to Journalism tomorrow, that is, two days after my birthday. Since I won't study on my birthday, after the paper, one day is wasted out of the two.
So I just have one day left with me, which is definitely less for finals, since the portion is vast, and the marks are more, too.

In short, I have to study for Ad and Journo (this is how BMM students nick these subjects as), because they lie around my birthday.

If you are the person who studies a month or two before the exam, then I guess you won't need this post. But if you're like me, who studies just a week before the exam (and that too because your mom scolds you to), this post would be perfect. But again, you need to figure out how much you need to study in order to score good marks.

Talking about a-week-prior-study, you can follow this method.
Since I issued the Journo textbook from library this semester, I had to complete the studies of it, before the due date. I finished marking the answers, or preparing self-notes of Journo a week before the first paper.
So this way I knew I could enjoy my birthday, and study nothing at all. My mom even asked me on my birthday to study a bit, but then I knew my answer. I knew it since the 3rd.

So, one of the two subjects was (almost) done.
I began the studies of Ad from 7th March, that is, three days before my exam/birthday. I even wrote it on my agenda with 'Study Intro to Ad' headline.
I removed 9th March from my study-list, since I knew that 9th would be a birthday-tomorrow day.
A day before my birthday is always full of expectations and thoughts about how the birthday would be, and what gifts people would gift me.

So 75% of my studies for the subject Ad were done on the 8th. I had to study only remaining 35%, and revise everything twice, too.
Also, 85% of the portion of Journo was done studying on 3rd March itself. Which means today I have to study and find out answers of the remaining 15%, and revise the entire portion twice. (And there are more 14 questions left, yet. God, please save me.)


This is basically my strategy to cope up with the stress.

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  1. this didnt help me at all. im a teenager


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