Bank Books Organization

by - March 21, 2014

I know you don't really own a bank book right now, but just giving away a tip, for future organization.

I remember how I got this pouch/bag.
I really liked it, and I started pleading my mom to buy. My mom disagreed because she thought it was a waste, and that I always want to buy something or the other.
She disagreed, and we started walking till ten footsteps or so, but I still pleaded. So my mom gave up, and we came back to the shop and purchased it!
I was in 5th, I suppose.

I never knew, or thought how I'd be using this bag. But one day my mom asked if I had anything like a small bag to keep the bank books.
That's the time when I remembered about this bag, and gave her this to keep the books.

This is how it looks like after opening the flap. It has ample of space, and pockets to keep things in.

The front pockets, which are three as you can see, give you lot of scope to keep the smaller receipts, or pens, or u-pins inside.
There's a zip above the pockets too.

An then, a big compartment to stash all your books in.

There's a zipper on the top part of the flap too, whose pocket is as long as the bag itself.

I just love how this cute bag can be a holder for so many things at once.

When you start having your own bank books, don't forget to organize them in such a bag.

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