Black Nail Polish and Marker

by - March 25, 2014

What can be the connection between the two?

I guess you'd only figure it out if you were an all-time-black-nailpolish-applier like me.
I don't know if it's just me, or every girl experiences the same thing. No matter how many layers and coats of nail polishes you apply, the result after few days is the famous nail colour chipping.

Is there a solid reason why do the nail polishes chip? Or maybe I apply it in a wrong way. If you girls don't experience this chipping as early as I do, then please tell me the secret formula. I seriously want to know. I apply only, and only black colour, so I really want it to stay on the nails for a longer period of time.

And if there's no secret formula, and if you too experience something like this, and you're an all-time-black-nailpolish-applier, then this tip is witty, and won't let you look stupid on an important date, meeting, or special occasions.

I had to go out with my girlfriends for a movie, and then for a dinner. So for the first time ever, I thought that chipped nail polish wouldn't be appealing. I know they're just my girlfriends, and they've seen me without my kohl on, but anyway, I was in a mood of perfection that afternoon.

I did not have time to remove off the nail polish with a remover, and re-apply the three goddamned coats (yes, they're three now. I thought of putting a base coat too, but it didn't work).
So guess what did I do? I took a black permanent marker from one of my pencil-holders, and filled in the gaps with it!

And the result was stunning! It appeared as if I've painted the nails with a nail polish. No one would've even in dreams thought that it was the marker's ink!

In the above picture, I've used the marker to fill the gaps of my index finger's nails. I've not completed them, because I thought putting up a picture with a half-way done marker-inked nails was better than putting up a complete pretty picture of nails (hands).

I hope I helped you guys with the trick. If you knew it already, comment below telling me the same. Or if you have a better way of applying polish, to delay the chipping, let me know. 

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