Masala Oranges

by - March 15, 2014

Masala Oranges? Seriously?

Well, this is absurd, but since I like to give tips, I would be delighted to share this one.

I hope not many of you are aware of this

But by putting masala on oranges, the taste just gets better.

While I was travelling, for a project related work, to Kalyan, from a second class compartment of Mumbai Local, with friends, of course, a lady came towards us to sell oranges.
And to my surprise, my friend asked her to apply the masala on it. At first I was shocked and then I thought it would worsen the taste of orange, but nope, it tasted sooo good.
After tasting a small part of it, I too bought mine with the masala on it.

I did not know the trick of masala till then. So I guess, if you too were ignorant about this trick, you should definitely try this one.

And if you ask me what masala (or related ingredients) should be sprinkled on the oranges, I would suggest these-

  • Salt // A pinch of salt. I hope you must be sprinkling salt on fruits like Guavas, (they taste incredibly tastier with it).
  • Sugar // Sprinkle hardly 5-10 medium sized sugar grains
  • Red Chilli Powder // Less than a pinch. 
Put these three ingredients in the hole of the orange. Then close the hole with your finger, and shake the orange. This (I believe) spreads the masala evenly on all the parts. 

And finally, just relish the taste! 

I'm craving for Masala Oranges right now.

I hope you like the taste, and I'm sorry if you don't. 

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