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by - July 13, 2017

Remember long back I was struggling to find healthy snack bars for office? I had even written a post on the same. Finding healthy bars is such a task!

The Eat Anytime team sent me four different bars and they're all so good. What's better is that each bar has different main ingredient––one has cornflakes, the other has oats. The way they've blended in all the ingredients is worth noticing. And, if the flavour is, say Mango Ginger, you won't just find mango, ginger, and the main ingredient, but, some other fun bits like dry fruits or honey. 

I also loved the packaging. The covers look lively and attractive. Not just for the bars, but someone would buy them for the packaging as well. I'm someone who concentrates on packaging and design a lot, and I would say, Eat Anytime bars have done an incredible job there. Priced at Rs. 50 each, you can buy these healthy bars from online portals like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, HealthKart, Big Basket, and PayTM. You can check out all the variants on their website.

Let's now jump into the quick reviews for all the four variants:

Mango Ginger has more of a gingery taste than mango taste. I was expecting to taste some mango-goodness. Since I am not much of a ginger loving person, I would have preferred mango flavour over the ginger one. However, I know many people who love ginger, and for them, this taste could be fun to try.
Ingredients: Black dates, almonds, mango (dehydrated), oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, ginger powder, salt, vitamin E, preservatives, and mango flavour.

I'm a fan of butterscotch flavour so I was intrigued to trying this one out. Butterscotch bar would remind you of a typical nutrition bar. As soon as you take the first bite, you're sure to guess the first ingredient, which is cornflakes. I loved this one the most. It's perfect for me!
Ingredients: Oats, almond, jaggery, wheat flakes, corn flakes, butterscotch nut, honey, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, salt, preservatives, butterscotch flavour.

This one has the taste of peanut butter prominently; the chocolate flavour is only slightly noticeable. It appears like those typical heavyweight protein bars and I would say, the taste was good. If you love peanut butter, this one should be your grab.
Ingredients: Oats, pre-biotic fibre, rice crispy, dark chocolate and cream, almond, peanut butter paste, peanuts, honey, quinoa seeds, casein, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, palm kernel oil, salt, edible gum, preservative, vitamin E, roasted peanuts and butter flavour.

The orange variant has a similar taste like that of Rasna or Tang in orange flavour. I think this is the best one for kids or those who love oranges. I'm someone who loves oranges and sweet limes, so for me, this flavour works.
Ingredients: black dates, almond, oats, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, salt, preservatives, orange flavour.

The team had sent these bars without a box, but still the bars were intact. I am impressed seeing the consistency of the bars and how well they were made. Overall, I liked the packaging, the taste, the consistency, and the product as a whole. Three cheers for Eat Anytime team for manufacturing these healthy bars for us.

Which is your favourite brand of nutrition bars?

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