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by - July 30, 2017

I have written so many posts about the usage of panty liners and why they should be your best friend, not just when you're travelling, but also on your regular days. In the pointer 'When Do I Use Them' below, I'll list down those times when panty liners should be worn.
I came across this brand Bella when I was shopping at Star Bazaar or at Dmart (I don't quite remember). I was surprised seeing that the pack had 60 panty liners and were priced at Rs. 175 only. I immediately put it in my cart. When the pack got over, I wanted to buy it again, but since the availability is an issue, I had to go for some other brand, which was a disastrous brand. As soon as those were over too, I tried searching for Bella ones online, and I got them at Nykaa at a discounted price. So, all you ladies looking for Mr. Pantyliners, read this review for further information.
I loved the packaging. The liners come in a thin cardboard box, which is a cute lavender colour. In order to open it, you have to tear along the dotted lines. I liked this idea of tear-to-open and so taking out individual panty liner becomes an easy task. Just keep the box in your closet and wear one when needed. However, unfortunately, the individual liners are not secured with any other wrapping, so you cannot carry them on trips without plastic bags. Also, you cannot store the box in open since the dust could slip in.
The application is super easy. Just take out a liner from the box, remove the adhesive sticker, and paste it on the lining of your panties. Since the liners don't come with an extra wrapper, the application is hassle free.

I have not come across a panty liner this good. I wish this brand and this variant never goes out of market because this is one such product I need. There's no replacement for this brand's liners. They do have other variants as well, but I have not tried them yet.
The adhesiveness is super strong. No matter what you do, even if you go in the pool or a lake, the liner will stick to your panties. It amazingly absorbs odour and wetness and is simply the best companion for a woman. And as it is soft, it doesn't irritate your skin too.

I use it during monsoon because that's when I visit washroom the most. I also use it on the fifth day of my period and when I'm PMSing, because there's white discharge that can lead to odour. I also use it specially when I have to sit in an air-conditioned room/vehicle with others. Lastly, I use it while I'm travelling, especially when I'm accompanied by friends or strangers, because dehydration leads to foul smell too. (I'll write a special post on when to use panty liners, so stay tuned!)
- Stunning adhesiveness
- Mild, refreshing fragrance
- Absorbs efficiently
- Cottony soft
- Absorbs odour
- Inexpensive
- Value for money
- Lasts for 2+ months

- Not easy to carry them around
- Availability could be an issue

Highly, highly recommended. I will buy this product again and again as it lasts for more than two months and is beyond perfect. I give it 5 stars!

INCLUDES: 60 panty liners
VARIANT: Verbena
PRICE: Rs. 175

Which panty liners are your go to buddies?

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  1. I liked your review and it really helped me out in making the decision to buy them... i had been thinking about it but wasnt sure if those were the ones that would suit me.


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