Ryaal 100% Pure Argan Essential Oil | Review

by - July 14, 2017

I wanted to try Argan oil since long. I love pampering myself every now and then, and about hair, I wanted something to smoothen and nourish them. Argan oil just does that and I'm glad the Ryaal team sent me this oil. The oil is 100% pure and has a dropper along.

The oil comes in a cardboard box to protect the bottle. You can keep the box if you want to take this oil with you. The bottle is of glass and the lid is plastic. They have provided with a separate dropper, which is leak proof. So even if you want to throw away the plastic lid, the dropper will act as a good lid itself. The bottle is wrapped with a sticker that has the brand's name and other details.

You simply have to put in the dropper and use whenever you want. If you want more than just a drop of oil, then take out the dropper and pour! The application is super easy.

Fragrance? There's only a little fragrance. You might sniff something light, however, the fragrance is neither pungent nor fully mesmerising.

Argan oil has many benefits. It acts as a great leave-in conditioner for hair. Also, it moisturises skin and can be soothing to apply as a body lotion. Before applying nail polish, one can treat their nails by massaging this oil on cuticles. It also brings shine to the hair. In all, it's a lovely product to pamper and treat yourself.

- 100% pure
- Easily available
- Multi-beneficial oil
- Leak proof lid

- Glass bottle, thus can break

Argan oil is a wondrous oil. If you're looking for a reliable brand, try Ryaal; it's 100% pure and that's what we need.

WEIGHT: 30ml
PRICE: Rs. 299
FROM: Amazon.in

Which brand of Argan oil do you swear by?

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