Ryaal Sandalwood Essential Oil | Review

by - July 22, 2017

Sandalwood is one of the beauty revivers used since ancient times. It is the second most expensive wood and has the ability to retain its fragrance for many decades together. People have been using it for beauty and aromatherapeutic purposes and is indeed one of the major ingredients you find in beauty bars and incense sticks as well.

I have used many products with sandalwood as their main component, but I never knew I would ever try its oil. Thanks to Ryaal for sending me this 100% pure sandalwood oil. The oil is a blend of 86% pure grapeseed oil and 14% of pure sandalwood oil. Let's now dive into this aromatic beauty potion:

The oil comes in a cardboard box to protect the bottle. You can keep the box if you want to take this oil with you. The bottle is of glass and the lid is plastic. They have provided with a separate dropper, which is leak proof. So even if you want to throw away the plastic lid, the dropper will act as a good lid itself. The bottle is wrapped with a sticker that has the brand's name and other details.

You simply have to put in the dropper and use whenever you want. If you want more than just a drop of oil, then take out the dropper and pour! The application is super easy.

It has a sweet, woody fragrance and something that would blissfully be used in incense sticks and massages. The sweet scent will also help release stress and calm your nerves.

Sandalwood is best known for its beauty purposes. The magical product can be used for treating acne, pimples, spots, ageing, and tanning. One can mix some sandalwood oil with other beauty oils to make  scrubs, face packs, face washes, creams, and more.

- Easily available
- Multipurpose beauty oil
- Leak proof lid

- Glass bottle, thus can break
- Not fully concentrated, has some grapeseed oil as well

Sandalwood oil is a magical beauty oil and if it goes well with your skin type, you should assuredly buy this product.

WEIGHT: 15ml
VARIANT: Sandalwood
PRICE: Rs. 269
FROM: Amazon.in

How do you use sandalwood essential oil?

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