To Do List on the Go!

By Rutuja Bhagwat - July 27, 2017

Today I had to run some errands like altering my pants, buying milk and other groceries, and catching  up with my best bud. In the ongoing month of Shravan, Maharashtrian ladies invite a married Maharashtrian mother (savashna) for lunch. We make delicious Maharashtrian thali that comprise of waran bhaat (dal rice), batatyachi bhaaji (potato vegetable/sabzee), matkichi ussal (moth bean vegetable), bhajji, and my favourite puran polya! After lunch, the lady who has invited the mother home performs a ritual and then gives a small gift, some rice, and a garland to the mother.

So for the same, my mom has invited her friend tomorrow. I had to buy few things like garlands, milk, potatoes, etc. It gets quite confusing, and usually when my mom is giving instructions, I am in trance, and then forget what she's asked to get. So whenever I have to bring a list of things for my mom, I ensure I have written everything down.

This time, like always, I wrote it down on a sticky note, and then did the aforementioned trick. In order to have a to do list with you when on the go, you will need four items only:

- Transparent phone cover
- Sticky note/piece of paper
- Pen
- Cellphone

1. Write down your tasks on a sheet of paper or a sticky note.
2. Keep it inside a transparent mobile phone cover.
3. Just turn your cellphone while on the go, and check through your list!

What tricks do you use to remember your tasks?

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