What to Eat When You Have Sugar Cravings

by - December 29, 2016

I don't eat sweets often, but I surely get those hard-to-resist sweet cravings

During my internship at Zoom, I had kept a little box of dried black grapes (manuka) at my desk. Whenever a colleague used to hog on a chocolate, I used to feel like having a chocolate too. She used to offer me and sometimes I would eat it, but mostly used to reject and then would have sugar cravings.

Best way to combat these cravings are eating dried black grapes. They're healthy and you'll feel like you have eaten a chocolate. No matter which kind of sweet craving you have, three-to-four dried black grapes will work wonders. I know you'll find it hard to eat those instead of chocolate or a donut, but once you grab one, you'll definitely feel better.

What alternative do you use to fight sugar cravings?

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