Lakme Absolute Illuminating Eyeshadow Palette Silver | Review, Look

By Rutuja Bhagwat - December 12, 2016

Ever since I've developed interest for eye makeup, there's no stopping. I got this nocturnal palette that includes blue, purple, plum, and silver. This palette is perfect for creating a nighttime makeup look with a blue surprise. The range comes in four variants: Silver (I'm reviewing today), French Rose, Gold, and Royal Persia.

Let's see what's in store for the Silver palette:

The packaging is sharp with jet black as the color of the body and the brand and product name written in clear white. There's a huge mirror on the back side of its cover, which ensures that you can check your whole face and not just your eyes. The body is made of plastic, but looks classier than that. It is definitely something you would show to your girlfriends!

There are two similar sized sponges to apply. You can use one of them to spread and the other for application. One side can be used for silvers and the other for plums (that's how I did it). The colour easily attaches to the sponge, which is a rare case in most eyeshadow cakes; there's no need to exert pressure for this.

If skipped blue, you get a witch-y, sexy look. You can add blue to bring in more wickedness. The eyelids look just like in the above picture (but more dramatic and real in actuality).

I'm not sure if I would splurge on eyeshadow palettes yet again, but the look this one gives is sheer sensual!

- Great packaging
- Colour sticks to sponge without any pressure
- Nighttime makeup look
- Additional blue colour (which is out of the plum-silver shade card)

- Expensive

If you get cheaper alternatives, you might want to go for those instead.

WEIGHT: 7.5 g
SHADE: Silver
PRICE: ₹995

Which nightly palette is your favourite?

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