MaxFactor Color X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner 04 Metallic Turquoise | Review, Swatch, Look

By Rutuja Bhagwat - December 15, 2016

I'm obsessed with colourful eyeliners. This one's an utterly sexy metallic turquoise shade, something perfect for nights. This one's my second MaxFactor product and by far, I've loved both of them. Read my review of this eyeliner.

The packaging is stunning with the brand and product names written in prominent fonts. The cap is black whereas the bottom is in turquoise colour. For applying, there's a thin brush, which is attached to the cap.

The application is easy and smooth--thanks to the the long wand. You won't come across any hardship while applying as the formula is quite smooth.

This above drawn turquoise line was on my hand for three days until I put soap exactly on it. The line was in tact and it's crazy how waterproof the liner can be. I think it's the best in terms of its ability to stay put in water. If you're wondering how you would remove it, then don't worry; the liner goes off immediately using makeup removing wipes. 


 You get these dreamy turquoise eyes. The colour looks like green, but if you carefully observe, it bends towards blue and not green. (This is how a green coloured eyeliner looks like.)
You'll get a perfect look, especially during nighttime. I loved how special my face looks after this.

 If the price goes down in future, then I will. I love some colour to my eyes.

 - Long lasting
- Insanely waterproof
- Nocturnal shade
- Smooth application
- Travel friendly

 - Slightly expensive
- Availability could be an issue

If you have the money, then buy this glam shade.
WEIGHT: 8 ml
SHADE: 04 Metallic Turquoise
PRICE: ₹735
FROM: My friend gifted me

Have you ever tried a MaxFactor liner?

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