15+ Blog Post Ideas for the New Year

by - December 03, 2016

Hey guys, since the December is here, it's time to think on everything sparkly and starry. The New Year's around the corner and so I have rounded up 15+ blog post ideas for it. You can amend the topics according to your own niche and whatever seems right for your blog's theme. I have listed down the topics according to my own theme. Feel free to take up any topic and help your readers rock the biggest event of the year!

Resolutions for 2017
You can bring together all your resolutions for the next year. This way, your readers will know what you're planning ahead and they'll get some ideas too. You can also divide your resolutions according to the priorities you have in mind. For example, if your biggest priority for 2017 is losing weight, then that should be in the High Priority list.

Post on Whether You Stuck to Your 2016 Resolutions
Making resolutions is a piece of cake, but sticking to them is not easy. Tell your readers whether you could stick to your resolutions.
You can also mention why you could not stick to some. Explain them why exactly you realized that some resolutions were too unimportant for you.

Blog Post Ideas According to Months
You can go through the national and international lineup of festivals, special days, events, and make a list of ideas related to those. For example, Ice Cream day falls on 23rd July; you can grab a cone of ice cream and write a post on memories related to ice cream you have. You can also enlist popular ice cream spots in your city. Or, you can share all the ice cream pictures from your Instagram account.

Blog Post Ideas According to Seasons
Then, there are seasonal blog post ideas you can share with your readers. Summer means juice recipes, beach outfit ideas, beach makeup, etc.; winter means winter care routine, makeup ideas, etc.

Throwback on Best of Your 2016 Posts
Every blogger has her favourite and close-to-heart posts. You can share the links of your best posts of the year 2016. You can view the titles of all the posts under the 'Posts' section in your dashboard. You can also share the popular posts from 2016 and give away a portion of behind-the-scene kind of a story.

Throwback on the Achievements of 2016
You can also boast to your readers all that you've achieved in 2016. May it be in professional life, or something to do in the field of education, blogging, or simply, your personal life too.

Bucket List (Travelling) 2017
From the international destinations to something as small as a local coffee shop, share a list of those places you'd love to go. Your readers will get some classic ideas for their next weekend getaway!

Things to Do in 2017
'Things to do' includes the lesser important stuff you want to do. You may want to learn to draw rangoli, but that cannot be a resolution, right? Here are some ideas to do in the new year.

Major Life Goals 2017
Something as big as getting married or conceiving can come under this idea. Or, shifting to a new city or moving to another job can be your major goals for the upcoming year.

How to Set Goals
All you perfectionists and type-A bloggers out there, reveal your tips on how precisely you set your goals (and stick to them). This will help those readers who need some inspo to get started.

Money Saving Tips for 2017
We all want to save better and that's always one of our resolutions. Why don't you let out tips that truly helped you save money? It'll be essential. You can design printables for your readers and create a game-plan for them.

List of Cool Things People Can Try
You might not want to do those things, but you can at least make a list of all the crazy ideas (if you know what I mean). For example, I don't want to drink or smoke, but I'll put something like "Try smoking a puff", "Get drunk every month", etc. Some more ideas can be as wild as losing virginity or getting a tattoo for yourself.

Goals in Different Areas of Life
You can write a post related to all the areas of your life--personal, professional, sexual, educational, blogging, business, etc.
It'll be a serious post on the goals and how you're planning a strategy to achieve them.

New Year Makeup & Outfit Ideas
These two posts are something almost every lifestyle/fashion/beauty blogger writes. You can try on different outfits and disclose the outfit details. Also, you can create different party makeup looks and share the tutorials.

New Year Party Ideas
If you're throwing a house party, you can write on party ideas like cool party decor along with where to buy all the supplies. You can share some party games and also different themes for a house party!

Books to read in 2017
All the #booknerds can share their favourite titles and also mention the books they want to read (or those books that are launching in 2017). It'll be a fun activity as you can challenge your readers to finish reading all those books in one year!

Your Planner Setup
Something as important as this one: sharing your planner setup. You can additionally tell readers how you would read your planner and the pretty supplies that you would be using along with it.

What would you add to the list?

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