Weekend Getaway | Vajreshwari, Ganeshpuri

by - December 04, 2016

My family has become spontaneous trip-planners these days. I didn't know that we were going anywhere today, until I told my parents in the morning that my cousin, Pratik, was coming home after lunch. My mom said that we were going Colaba, and it'll be fun to ask him to tag along. Well, so that's how this getaway was planned. I told my parents that my college is near Colaba and I'm sick of going to that area. So we changed to this destination--Vajreshwari (and Ganeshpuri).

We had decided to leave at 3:00 pm and surprisingly, we locked the house at 3:15. We had taken our car (or rather it had taken us!) and we were five in total--me, mom, dad, brother, and cousin. In the start, me and my parents were crumpled on the back seat, as my brother was driving and cousin was on the cleaner's seat.

We took the Bhiwandi route. I had worn a white t-shirt with Minnie printed on it, along with my super comfy grey leggings. And I don't know why, but I cannot go on trips without my pink lips.

My brothers clicked a selfie while I was away

On our way, I had to urgently pee. I was someone who always felt like peeing when on trips, but since a year, I have changed. We were on a village road with no malls or toilet facility today. So I had to pee hiding myself behind bushes. Luckily, there were two ladies who recommended us to pee behind a house that was made of steel sheets. Finally, relieved, we resumed our journey.

I drove for 15 minutes or so and was terrible at it. Though I have a permanent license, I cannot drive on my own yet. I am constantly bombarded by my brother's "change to 4th gear...change to 2nd gear...the speed breaker is approaching, clutch and break..."
All these constant do this, do that act like someone is hammering into my brains. I get confused and scared because there's everybody talking. Someone or the other giving me some advises and then my dad telling my mom to calm down as she appears nervous due to my driving.

I gave up my wheel and my brother took us further. We reached Vajreshwari and visited a small Shiva temple. There also was a Sai Baba temple in its vicinity. The area is tranquil even though kids were playing cricket nearby.
The temple area had a large tub, which was made of stone. It had hot spring water in it. We immersed our feet and then entered the temple. After darshan, we walked towards a semi-dried river, where at least 30 people were bathing. It was a wide river and you could hardly see the greenery that was on the other side; the river was that wide.

Halt for hi-tea

We started walking towards the car, but on way, thanks to my tea-lover dad, we stopped for hi-tea. We had wada pav, tea, and Maaza from a nearby stall. (Eating from a shabby food stall is fun in its own way!)

We left further for Ganeshpuri. In passage, we came across the famous Vajreshwari temple. My mom wanted to visit this badly and so she was contended after the darshan.

The ride from this temple to Ganeshpuri was a bumpy one, due to the bad road. Ganeshpuri has the shrine of Nityananda Maharaj, who is an Indian guru. The shrine is a large place that has bhajans and keertans played, along with areas to pray. It's a must visit, especially for your moms and grand moms.

After this, we left for home via Vasai. If you have ever passed this route, you'd know that you have to halt for half-hour near the junction. A bridge is being built near Vasai, so because of that, the police allows only one sided lane to move. The other sided lane is stopped by them for half-hour, which means the former lane gets access to move for 30 minutes. If your luck sucks, then you might have to face a 30-minute halt. (Mine does, and so we had to wait from 7:30 to 8:00 pm).
Stagnant traffic, car engines off, lights on, people loosening their awkward legs and roaming near their cars, vendors selling water bottles, tea, and salted peanuts, and people had poker faces, as though they knew they would stuck in this much-dreaded half-hour halt.

We started our engines at exact 8:05 pm and reached home around 9:00. Tired because of singing loudly in the car, we were happy to be home.

My mom immediately started to make tea. I, on the other hand, turned on PC, and then changed into pyjama shorts and a tee. I then placed the cooker on the stove which had rice and dal in it. We were having waran bhaat for dinner--one of the best post-trip, when-tired kind of meals.


How was your weekend guys?

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