21 Daily Habits to Follow in 2017 + Free Daily Habits Tracker Printable

by - December 07, 2016

I think the only workable resolution for the new year would be following these daily habits. We all want to be a better person and get more out of each day. Following these habits everyday will keep you healthy, wealthy, and happy.

Complementing yourself each day
Complement yourself each day, no matter if you have a bad hair day. Just bring out the brighter side of you each day. You're beautiful, smart, and kind.

Visiting the loo every morning
I thought to write a post on this topic due to this particular reason. Due to my early morning college, I don't have time to go to potty. So from the next year, visiting washroom everyday in the morning should be a daily habit.

Washing face before sleeping
Even though you were home the whole day, wash your face. Take off the makeup, oils, and what-not.

Drinking 10 glasses of water each day
I had heard about the eight-glasses per day tip, but I say drink 10 of them. The more the water you drink, the better the skin, hair, and overall health.

Concentrating on the positive aspects of the problems each day
For example, if your boss scolded you today, concentrate on how you are visible to him/her. Take this opportunity and learn more. You never know if you end up being liked by your boss. Ask questions and execute the tasks properly.

Being thankful (to respective people/situations) every night before sleeping
My sister does this. Every night, when she's on the bed, she joins her hands and thanks God for all the things she's got. She also prays for persons who are caught up in some situations (like when my granny was hospitalized). I think it is a great habit to connect with God.

Trying to cut down expenses
If you know that you can walk down instead of wasting 18 rupees on an auto drive, just walk! Try to save as much as possible every day. However, don't be a miser!

Exercising (or other physical activity) every day
If some day you fail to exercise or go to the gym, indulge in some other physical activity. Walk from station to home, or play with kids in your society.

Writing something down in your diary every day
Even if you were super busy and had no time to write anything down, I suggest you to write something. You can just write few words like "date night", "first day", "haircut", etc.

Drinking green tea
Drink green tea everyday half-hour after lunch. If you have a 9-to-5 job, then keep some leaves/bags in your office and sip!

Consuming proteins (one small bowl minimum) every day
If you're working out, protein intake is must. Have a minimum of one small bowl every day. Of course, you can consult a dietitian for required quantity according to your lifestyle.

Brushing teeth twice a day
You must, honey.

Trying to read minimum three pages of a book every day
It often happens that we are so busy, we usually skip reading. As a part of daily habit, read at least three pages everyday.

Writing down to-do lists in the night & checking them in morning
My brother does this. Make to-do list each night for the next day. Follow-up every morning to know your tasks and work upon them.

Waking up early
Wake up by 8:00 am. You have no idea how much you can get done, plus mornings can be beautiful!

Cutting off gadgets 30 minutes before sleeping
I'd read it somewhere that you should keep your gadgets aside for 30 minutes before sleeping. If you don't, then it's only gonna harm your brain eventually.

Making bed before leaving the house
Often, we just leave the house without cleaning. If you don't have much time in the mornings, at least make bed, so that when you come home tired, you can lay off your body.

De-cluttering desk everyday
Don't clean everyday, but you can at least keep stuff on their places and de-clutter your desk. Before leaving office, you can organize the mess, so that the new day will start positively.

De-cluttering room everyday
Just keep stuff on its place every night before hitting the bed.

Eating homemade food at least once every day
For those of you who live away from home, I know how difficult life can get. But, cook small meals for yourself and make sure to eat homemade meal at least once every day.

Finishing off homework/office work on the assigned day
And finally, if you have something due for today, do it.

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What would you add to the list?

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