Fun Day with Best Friend

by - December 23, 2016


Remember I'd mentioned about my best friend getting married in February next year? I'd been at her place today. When I'm alone visiting, we have huge plans in mind--she will show her craft supplies, her stationary, her new makeup stuff, her dresses and we drool over all of that together. She's the only friend who shares my love for makeup, shoes, and stationary. We go crazy when together.

I apologize for not writing for two days. I was busy designing the 2017 planner. Yes, you read it right. 2017 planner is going to be bigger and better. It's almost ready, just have to make few changes and then....print! This time the cover is going to have fonts embossed in gold! Can't wait.

I'm gonna put them for sale, so let me know if you're interested. Oh, and if you're wondering, the colours are golden, black, and pink, and the number of pages will be around 150.

I had a super busy day today too, but I had made up my mind, that no matter what, I'm saying a hello to you guys!


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