Fitness Routine | December 2016

by - December 08, 2016

I was getting ready for gym today and thought about sharing my routine with you guys. This post will talk about things I do before hitting the gym, while I'm at the gym, and post-gym time. It's not a serious routine, but just few things I really do.

Green tea
I drink green tea 30 minutes to one hour after lunch. It usually is around 3:00 pm when I remember I have to sip my tea. I really think that green tea makes wonders. If you drink too much of it, then it might bring in some side effects, but otherwise, if you drink only once per day, then I don't see how it can be bad. My current green tea is the Lipton loose leaves.

Light snacks
For instant energy, I either have almonds or a banana. (I had read a splendid post on this one. If I ever find it, I'll definitely share it with you guys.)

Packing bag
I take out previous day's hand towel and socks from the bag and replace them with new. I usually pick matching socks and towel. I fill my sipper with water and keep it in the bag too.

I start by stretching. I either do Surya Namaskar six times (it is done 12 times usually) or some other stretching exercises.

I follow with short jumps (150 counts) and other jumping exercises. My heart is usually beating faster after this.

Arm exercises
To slow down my heartbeat rate, I do around 12 different types of arm exercises. As my arms have the tendency to attract fats the most, I cannot not do the arm exercises.

Floor exercises (instructed by gym instructor)
Our gym has a friendly instructor who exercises with us. Each day of the week we have particular type of exercises; for example, stomach exercises, mirror exercises, leg exercises, aerobics, aerobics plank, cardio, etc. Today we had cardio. Due to this variation of exercises, our bodies don't get used to any specific workout and so if we ever stop coming to the gym, we won't gain weight faster.

Sit ups
If the Exercises of the Day is not stomach, then I do 30 sit-ups at one go. If I've already worked on my stomach in the Exercises of the Day, I skip stomach. 

I don't squat much as if I do more of it, my bum becomes stiffer and big. So I squat just 10 times to build a strong lower back and monkey bone (while also building round butt cheeks).

Waist rotation
To get rid of bulge near my waist, I rotate my waist 15 times clock-wise and then 15 times anti-clock-wise.

Drinking water
My water-aim is to finish my sipper before going home. So unless and until I don't empty it, I don't leave.

I have some snack depending on how hungry and how much energy deprived I am. Usually, if I have college in the morning, I don't have much strength left in me, so I have to have larger amount of meal. I settle down with a banana mostly and that works.

What's your fitness routine?

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