2017 Planners For Sale!

by - December 25, 2016

I'm back with a self-designed 2017 planner and what's awesome is that this time again, it's up for grabs. I had initially thought of not designing one for myself, but buy a cute planner. However, seeing the crazy prices like ₹1,500 and ₹2,000, I dropped the idea. I literally designed 98% of this in one day and then in another day struggled with the arrangement of pages in a PDF. I'm happy to see this amazing product in my hand, and I'm definitely proud

I'm gonna share all the details and if you have any question, you can reach out to me.

- A5 size (i.e., half of A4 size)
- 19.5cm x 14.2cm

Number of Pages:
- 149

Inspiration Page:
- 13 pages in total
- 1 page towards the start and 12 towards the end of each month.

- 2 pouches in total
- Optional pouch
- 1 on the first page and 1 on the last
- Glitter borders on the pouch
- Great to store sticky notes and other photographs

Resolution/Favourite Quotes Page:
- 1 page in total
- Ample of space to write a motivational quote to begin the year.

Personal Information Page:
- 1 page in total
- Space provided for essential information
- Additional space 'Extra Info' to write other important information; e.g., I am an Asthma patient, etc

Monthly dividers:
- 12 pages in total
- Different feminine quotes on different pages

Monthly Overview Page:
- 12 pages in total
- 1 page towards the beginning of each month
- Additional space to write or stick sticky notes under 'Notes'

Weekly Pages:
- 12 x 5 = 60 pages in total
- 5 pages (corresponding to 5 weeks) for each month
- Extra space to write notes

Monthly Calendar Pages:
- 12 x 2 = 24 pages in total
- One month spread across two pages
- Ample of space to go through the month and write stuff down
- Extra space for writing notes

Love Page:
- 1 page in total
- A page you can dedicate to all the people/things you love
- Special one in the Valentine's month

'Pour it out' Pages:
- 20 pages in total
- Towards the end of planner
- Ample of space to write down thoughts

'In Case of Emergency' Pages:
- 4 pages in total
- Ample of space to write emergency help like hospitals near your house, near your office, or near the area you frequently visit. Also, you can write down numbers of police stations and fire extinguishing services nearby.
- Space to write contact of friends, family, etc., so that in case your cellphone battery is down, you can see the numbers in your diary.

For other details, contact me on rutujabhagwat10@gmail.com. I also take bulk orders.

You can also reach out to me on:


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