Splendid Way to Store Cheese

by - December 14, 2016

I love it when I get such unique storage ideas. My dad had got two huge chunks of cheese from Italy. They were amazing to look at, but since they were refrigerated, grating such hard-as-ice cheese chunks was a task. Due to this, the cheese was seldom used.

The Splendid Way
My mom and dad got a solution for it: They grated all of the cheese and kept it inside a refrigerator-proof container. So now, whenever we want to add cheese in any dish, we just sprinkle over the grated cheese. The process is so beautiful and easy, perfect for dishes on the go.

There's a limit to this trick though: you can only store cheese if its expiry date is of at least 6 months down the line.
The cheese my dad got was 5 years old and it was all right to store it for longer time. It's like wine--the older the better. Hence, nicely grating it and storing in a container was no harm at all. So look at the expiry date and then store accordingly.

How do you store cheese?

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