Last Minute New Year Ideas with Family

by - December 31, 2016

If you have strict parents then probably you're sitting at home on the midnight of 31st. Everyone in your list is partying and getting high, but you're in front of laptop, watching your favourite series. For some of you, this could be exciting, but if not, you might wonder what you could plan on 31st December for enjoying on the same night. Since there's no sufficient time to plan anything huge, I have rounded up some ideas that you could use to enjoy with your strict yet lovable parents.

Late Night Drive
Take out your car and drive to the famous place near your city. For me, Marine Drive would be the best option.

Cooking Family's Favourite Dinner
You can cook pav bhaaji and have a feast along with yummy butterscotch ice cream.

Calling Relatives Home
You can call your uncles and aunts and have a gala time at home. Cook or order food and have a get together.

Overnight Trip in Not-So-Famous Spot (So that you get rooms)
Places like Lonavla and Mahabaleshwar might be crowded and you won't find a room, so better go to places like Igatpuri where getting a room is easier.

Sleepover on Terrace
Move the mattresses on terrace and after wishing at midnight, sleep together under the stars.

Dining Out
The most common family-type celebration--dine out in a fancy restaurant. You'll get a chance to dress up plus it'll be a good family time.

Taking a Walk to a Nearby Lake/Garden/Hill
If you have a famous nature spot in your vicinity, go there.

Hanging Out at a Street Food Stall
Randomly go to a street stall and hog onto as much food as you like.

Enjoying Ice Cream at Midnight
I'm sure you'd love some ice cream on a chilly night. Grab a cone and take two scoops!

Party on Terrace (With Samosas, Music, and Mirinda)
The school-time celebration. Bring samosas and Mirinda and shake a leg on London Thumakda.

Cutting a Cake
If you don't have many enthusiastic people to go outdoors late at night, you can probably cut a chocolate cake at home.

Ordering Pizza at Home
What's better than teaching your parents how a pizza is supposed to be eaten?

Taking Out Meal and Hogging on a Spot
Take out Chinese food and hog onto a famous spot nearby.

Visiting Religious Places (For the God Lovers!)
Visit temples or whatever your favourite religious place is and pray God for a fantastic 2017 (please pray on my behalf too!)

Star Gazing on a Nearby Hill
Just go to a hill top and try spotting stars. Carry along a thermos with hot chai too.
Eating at a Roadside Dhaaba on a National Highway
Drive to a roadside dhaaba and smack your tongues on delicious butter chicken and naan.

What are your plans for 31st Midnight?

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