Best Way to Remove Makeup

by - December 30, 2016

Girls always wonder how to remove makeup. The stubborn jet black eyeliner, the crazily flaky cherry red lipstick, and the hardened lashes--removing makeup becomes painstaking and a waste of time. It's even more difficult to remove when you have a heavy layer of makeup on--from foundations to concealers and from eye makeup to matte lips. 

If it's winter, putting your hands in cold water is like committing suicide. So, the best way, according to me, without using water or any other jazz, is makeup removing wipes.

The wipes should be your best friends. No matter how expensive or "waste of money" you think wipes are, trust me, they're not. They're the best sort of investment. Buy a 30-wipes pack and it goes on for a long time. Use these wipes only if you've put on a stubborn product or layers of makeup (for parties or other events). I'm sure you don't apply heavy makeup everyday! Therefore, one pack will go long way. 

I had purchased two packs and had got more two free. I'm still using those, and they're the best gift to my face. I don't need to worry about using water and wondering if the makeup will go with the usual facewash or a makeup removing gel/cream. You just have to swipe once with one wipe and without a fuss, you'll get a gorgeous, naked face. 

So, the next time you come across makeup removing wipes, don't think twice, just pick them up and put them in your cart.


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