Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color - Constantly Cabernet 065 | Review, Look

by - December 17, 2016

I love dark shaded lip colours. I had reviewed Rum Raisin by Colorbar before and I love how dark lips can change your look. On my last day of internship at Vogue, I had worn this Constantly Cabernet shade and my boss had asked me how different I looked. The power of dark lips is indeed noticeable.

The lipstick has an opening from two sides--one for the lip colour and the other for lip balm. The cap of lip balm is white, whereas, the other side is transparent, where you can see the lipstick colour. The overall body is white with the product name written in bold. The packaging looks slightly immature and it would arguably suit in a college girl's vanity and not in a working woman's.


The formula of the lip colour is dry as the lipstick is matte. So one needs to quickly apply it to avoid dryness. Also, as it is a dark colour, application needs to be careful. The application is not smooth and the colour does not stick easily to the wand; you have to go deep inside for the same.
The balm is silky and glides on to the lips magically. If not for the colour, buy the lipstick for this incredible balm. 

The lipstick lasts until you eat or drink something; as soon as you use your lips, the colour might slightly go. Carrying this lipstick around is highly recommended as it is matte and dark. When trying to wipe it off with a face wash or makeup removing wipes, the product does not go fully; you can still find ugly patches on your lips. The removal is difficult.
The lasting power of the balm is noteworthy as you won't need to apply it again and again. You'll have to reapply once after meals.

You get a gothic look, but a classier one. If you keep the eye makeup light, then the face would look exquisite. If you want a flashy look, then the colour would compliment well with a pair of dark colored eyelids too.
The fragrance is mind blowing and that's why I thought of mentioning it here. I was smitten by the fragrance of the lip balm, especially, and I was hunting a similar one in the Baby Lips variant. The fragrance is sweet and oh God! I love it.

If my budget is high, then I might buy it, but for now, I would buy cheaper alternatives. I loved the colour though. Many people asked me for its shade and I'm startled how so many of them liked it.

- 2-in-1 lipstick
- Mesmerizing fragrance
- Dark shade
- Ultra smooth lip balm
- Two products for ₹600

- Packaging is average
- Drying lip colour formula


I think two products for ₹600 is a great deal. Plus, Maybelline has never failed to impress anyone. If you're looking for darker shades, I think you should give it a try, because it won't fail to impress you too.

WEIGHT: 2.3 ml (lip colour) and 1.8 g (lip balm)
SHADE: 065 Constantly Cabernet
PRICE: ₹600
FROM: Maybelline kiosks

Which dark shaded lipstick is your favourite?

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