The Beauty Rack

by - March 27, 2014

I did not get a better name for the post than this. And yet again, I don't mean 'makeup', by 'beauty' here.

Everybody has a small shelf, rack, or corner in their rooms, where they keep their daily beauty stuff. The stuff can vary from makeup vanity to a regular deodorant or spray rack.

I have one of these racks in my parents' room, but since I get ready in their room, my stuff rests on their rack, itself.

So these are the things I use daily (well, almost daily). I'm not going to write big paragraphs explaining these things, but they need a bit of explanation.

I don't apply perfume unless it is summer season, or I have a special occasion to attend. Perfumes bring an instant confidence and elegance. I love the Versace Versus Red Jeans perfume. My brother bought this from the UK (for my mom actually).

I know we don't need a moisturizer in summer, because we are already super-moist in this season! But this moisturizer is almost about to finish, so I just need a bit of my dry skin (or an excuse) to apply some of it, and finish the damn bottle. 
But frankly, sometimes in summer too, especially after bathing, we experience dry skin. So we can apply if we're really feeling itchy. 

I apply serum only after a hair wash. But whenever I wash my hair, I'm usually getting late. So instead of taking it out from the cupboard, I recommend keeping it on this rack.

I don't use it often. As I told you this rack is in my parents' room, they have their stuff too, on it. 
But frankly speaking, talcum powder is my escape from oily skin. If I'm going out, and have applied sunscreen, I puff some powder on my face. And make sure that nobody figures it out (because c'mon, that's so childish).
Earlier I hated jasmine fragrance, but now I'm used to it. The bottle is so big, that I don't think it is getting over any sooner.

My brother left it back before going to UK. I started using it out of curiosity. I really love this moisturizer, and I'm thinking of buying one for the next winter too.
The great thing about it is that it doesn't make my skin oily after the application.
I need it in summer, because whenever I wash my face, I feel itchy sometimes. 

It is my favourite sunscreen. I apply it whenever it is sunny outside. 

Well, when I was trying out sunscreens for the first time, I had bought this. It made my skin super oily. It was one of the reasons why I hated sunscreens back then. But now I use it sometimes, to protect my body from the sun.
So the Lotus one is for the face, and this one is for the body.

It is one of my favourite fragrances, and a summer essential.

We got a free sample of this. Obviously my mom uses it. We keep it on this rack, so that I can make sure my mom really APPLIES it. She doesn't take care of her skin.

This holder is such a good idea. This is a perfume case, which holds different things together.
There is my kohl, mascara, lip balm, hairbrush, and combs inside it. 

What do you keep on the rack?

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