5 Beauty Essentials for Summer

by - March 14, 2014

As you know, beauty is NOT equal to makeup products on TPCG.

Now what are those essentials that you need to carry in your handbag, for summer?

Here beauty essentials refer to those products that will maintain your beauty, and not enhance it. (I don't know why I don't like makeup, or dressing up.)


ONE // Water Bottle
Tell me, deep down you knew I was going to mention about it!
I know, a water bottle is too heavy to carry (when it is filled with water, obviously), but I guess you should not leave the door without it. You must have read the water-keeps-you-hydrated sentence so many times on this blog, that I've decided not to mention about it, again (well, did I just mention about it?) 
If you feel lazy to fill up the bottle before going to college, you can do either of these things- One, carry an empty bottle, and then fill it wherever you're heading to. Example, if you are going to college, carry an empty bottle, and then fill it after reaching the canteen, or the classroom floor. If you have to travel long distance for work or college, then I recommend not following the first alternative, and maybe follow the second one.
Two, fill the bottle at night, and keep it in your handbag the same night. This saves a good amount of work in the morning, but if you're lazy to do that too, then simply borrow it from one of your classmates or colleagues (like my classmates do!)

TWO // Deodorant
I must tell you this. If you don't really smell good, please, please carry a deodorant. The reasons why you don't smell good can be- One, you don't feel it necessary to spray a deo on you. Two, the good smell vanishes off until you reach home. Three, you are allergic to perfumes (three of my friends are allergic to perfumes. Whenever I spray near them, they start sneezing!)
If you feel that the odour is increasing, and a deo cannot help it after few hours, I suggest you to visit a doctor. It might be a problem with your skin or body. 
And in other case, carry a travel size deodorant in your handbag. If you have a small journey ahead, then you can skip this item, but otherwise, it's a MUST. 
And if you are allergic to them, you can try a different fragrant alternative (talcum powder, roll-on deodorants, etc.)

THREE // Face Wash
I recommend a travel size of your regular face wash. You won't necessarily use it in college or at office, but sometimes, there are sudden plans. And if your skin is too greasy, you should wash it with a face wash. And if you fear that whatever makeup you've applied in the morning, washes off with it too, then carry the makeup with you. 
It is better to look fresh, than with makeup and a greasy face. 
Also I highly recommend putting the face wash in a small plastic bag to avoid surprising leakages. 

FOUR // Small Napkins
I mean SMALL. Larger napkins take lot of space, plus the handbag tends to appear super bulgy after keeping a large napkin in it, too.
Carry the smallest size of napkin. If you don't have, buy them. They're super cheap. 
Napkins help in scrubbing off the oil from your face. They work better than dry tissues/blot papers, I feel. But if you're comfortable with dry tissues, go with them. 
The result should be a shine-free face.

FIVE // Wet Tissues
If you don't have a spray with you, you can wipe use these. Also, they're good for your face, and freshens it.
I'm not a wet-tissue lover actually, but it indeed is helpful.

What are your beauty maintainers for summer?

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