Re-Using Old Notebooks + Types of Papers

by - March 09, 2014

Have you kept those old notebooks from your school days?

Well, I have. There are around 20 notebooks, whose used pages I have torn. I'm thinking of using them for the next semester.

Since I'm not using them this semester, I have tied them with a rope, and have kept inside a plastic bag. I've kept this bag above my bookshelf, because it is not visible (since the height of the bookshelf is higher) from there, and doesn't look shabby.

You very well know that we can tear off the unused pages, and use them for different purposes. But what to do about the covers?
Tear the covers, and keep them safe. You can use them for making greeting cards, or books at home.

Now talking about the different types of paper (I don't have a collection), let's see how they can be useful.

Print Papers
These are different types of printing papers. And since my PC is an all-in-one, I don't use the CPU compartment of my computer table. That's where I keep them. 

These papers are slightly thicker than the regular printing papers. We had to submit the assignment of Advanced Computers last semester on this paper. I had asked dad to buy it, and he got a whole bundle of it. 

These are the regular ones.

I wanted to particularly talk about this bundle. 
Aren't you wondering why are they inside a plastic bag, and not with their mother bundle? 
I've kept all the wrongly printed papers inside it. When you print something wrongly, you always take a new paper. In any case, don't throw away the old one, just keep it inside a plastic bag like this. So next time when you have to print something for your personal use, and not for college or office use, you can always use these papers. 
Sometimes, you take out extra papers from the mother bundle. And when you're done with printing, the extra ones just fly here and there. They often tend to get folds, or other related things. 
You can keep these papers in the plastic bag too. 

Small Papers
Small Papers from childhood's notebooks can be great for self-notes
I have such a thick bundle of them.

Fullscape and Graph Papers
Tear this from long/fullscape books. 
I've also kept the graph papers inside the bag. 

Project Papers
Project Papers, or the popularly known as 'A4 size papers' or 'Assignment Papers' can be kept in a separate bag. 
If you had had an A4 size book, you can tear the papers, and keep them in the same bag. 
Next time when you have to write an assignment, you exactly know where the papers for it are. 

I hope my paper compilation was of some use. If you too keep different types of papers with you, let me know. 

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