Great Apps for Nokia Lumia // Part III

by - March 17, 2014

So, finally the third list of the great apps for Lumia 720 is here, which is almost after two months, or so.
I find the process of taking screenshots of the apps, and then mailing them, and uploading it on the blog, a long process. So I avoided this post for two months.

The only reason why I've downloaded this application is because it has extremely cute stickers, and emoticons. No matter what your mood is, you will have an emoticon for every mood. Other messenger apps do not have such a wide variety (BBM has, I've heard, but never have used it, so can't say). 

Instagram BETA
It is very slow, and shuts in between. But it's an INSTAGRAM app, so I have to like it. I should say 6tag was better than Instagram, because it had so many features. Instagram on Windows is the Instagram BETA, and that sucks. We definitely need more features and yes, bug fixes.
This is my Instagram account-theprettycitygirl

I didn't know, until I read it somewhere that there are applications to turn your otherwise rectangular image into a square one, without cropping it. 
After searching the store, I got this app. I liked this app because it has so much of variety to choose colours from. Apart from colours, we can choose patterns too, which are mind blowing! 

Nokia Video Trimmer
I haven't really trimmed or edited a video in this, but it is a good video editing app, if you wish to cut videos.

The famous photo editing app.

 I don't think Lumia has a voice recorder. So I downloaded this app from store. The only probem is, I don't know where the recorded voice notes get saved. 

Ringtone Maker
We can actually trim a favourite song of ours, and keep the only segment which we love, and later make it as a ringtone. And since its developer is Nokia itself, the ringtones get saved in a folder, and when we try to make a song the ringtone for the cell, this edited ringtone is seen clearly on the top, in the options. So it is really easy to select it.
I've trimmed a ringtone from the song People = Shit by Slipknot.

If you're in a restaurant, and an unknown song plays, and you love it, how do you know its name? By opening Shazam, and tapping the big circle. This app listens to the song, and later displays the possible names of the song. 
And it has been accurate till now. And yes, you can, on the spot, download the song too.

Skype for Windows lacks certain features, but it looks classy to me. 

I don't like TuneWiki as much as I liked it in my Nokia C7. This one is complicated.
Basically, TuneWiki is an app where we can get the lyrics of the songs which we have in our cell. 
So you don't have to go to Google and search for lyrics. All you have to do is open this app, and read lyrics!

I like the Twitter app of Windows because it has option to select between a dark theme and a light one. And I like all the apps that has an option to darken the page (in order to save battery).

WhatsApp sucks for Windows. It hangs so much, especially if I'm texting someone an important message and is confused/tensed, it just closes away. I'm in middle of something, and it closes. Nothing can be so annoying than that.
But it is WhatsApp, so it should, no doubt, be a part of the list.

It isn't the original app developed by Wikipedia, but it connects to Wikipedia and gets us the information. 
You can choose different colors in it, too.
I used this app during my history project, and other projects, when there was a viva, and I wanted to know about a Director, Singer, etc.

This was my third list, and I hope I won't be posting about a fourth one. 

I only have these apps in my cell, right now.

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