Bedside Table Organization

by - March 16, 2014

I don't know whether you have bedside tables in your room, or your parents', or no beside table at all.

But anyway, you can use this tip for any table, or can apply it just anywhere in the house.

You get such cases in any decoration store. My mom bought this from Satyam Collection, Thane. You get different sizes and shapes there. But my mom loved this treasure chest, and hence bought this.

This is in my parents' room and there are lot of hair elastics, bobby pins, or hair clips of me and my mom. So, we keep all this junk in this box.

Visitors think everything is so clean, but the secret behind it is the Bedside Table Organization box.

This chest has a way to attach lock to it. So you can even store jewellery inside it.

Inside the box, there are clips, a small basket, a watch, coins and few hair elastics.

I like the idea of the basket a lot. We keep the hair clips, coins, and other tiny things inside it.

How do you manage your bedside tables?

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