Top 10 Summer Tips

by - March 13, 2014

After the Tips for a Clear Face, let's see what are the top ten tips to feel fresh in summer.

All of these tips I had followed in one day, and was surprised to know how fresh I felt after following them. If you know any other tip, apart from these, mention in the comments below.

ONE // Caps/Glasses
You just cannot deny using either of these. Caps and glasses were made for summer. So splurge a bit, and buy a classy shade of glasses, or a sporty cap (or maybe a hat for a girly look).

TWO // Water
You know water is so essential. I've been telling it so many times. Carry a bottle wherever you go.

THREE // Water Reminder Apps
You have Water Reminder apps too, in the store, in case you didn't know. You need to set how many glasses of water, or how much liter of water you have to drink per day. Also you need to set the start and the end of your daily routine. Some apps also ask you to mention your lunch, breakfast and dinner timings. 
These apps remind you of drinking water, after every hour, or so. 
Indeed a great way to stay hydrated.

FOUR // Sunscreen
Sunscreen is essential. If you're one of those lazy people, well like me, you can just apply it on days you feel it is super sunny outside. For the sunscreen's application, try this page.

FIVE // Face Wash
Of course face washes are important. That's not what I have to say here. Wash your face when you go home. You can follow these steps- go home, drink water, wash your legs, change into pajamas, wash face, tip SIX. 

SIX // Body Gel
This tip is slightly weird. 
After you go home, in the afternoon especially, you get all dusty, plus feel oily due to sweat and sunscreen. So after you wash face with a face wash, take a body gel (or the regular soap), and apply it on the areas of your body which were exposed to the sun, all day long. 
It makes you feel instantly fresh. Trust me. This tip works.

SEVEN // Hair Bun
Hair buns don't just look stylish, but are more comfortable in summer. They prevent the neck area from sweat (and irritation!)

EIGHT // Small Napkins
I have purchased three pastel coloured napkins this month (and I guess you got a hint for the best buys of March!). Even if you carry tissues with you, nothing can be better than napkins. Carry one, and remove the oils or dust from your face, by rigorously rubbing on it.

NINE // Carrying Face Wash With You
Carry a bottle of your preferred face wash with you. If you have to switch in between work, college, or sports, you will need a face wash for a fresh face. Try finding a travel size bottle, to avoid that extra weight in your handbag. 

TEN // Deodorants 
Aha! Carry a bottle of deodorant. With deodorant, I mean deodorant, and NOT perfume spray. Deodorants are better in summer, than sprays. They give an instant fragrance all over your body. And if you smell good, you feel good too. 


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