Things that I Loved Throughout // March

by - April 01, 2014

March is always a special month for me, because it is my birthday month, and the month when I get free from my exams. As I write these 'things I loved' posts, I understand what makes me happy; and this makes me understand myself (yes, it does!)
I compile the good things by searching them in my blog. It always rotates around my blog. And only few of the things are not related to the blog. Anyway, the end result is always happiness.

Girlfriends Hangout to the Mall
This day was fun. Right after my exams, in few days, my college friends and I went to Viviana mall. As this mall is sort of new, I haven't visited it that frequently, as much as I've visited the adjacently located Korum mall. So every time I visit this mall, I discover more things, more shops, more tricks and more places. However this mall doesn't feel like a home to me yet; the visitors dress overly, and behave sort of, I would call it, fake. 
Anyway, I also went to the Starbucks for the first time, and the experience was good. I'm glad we hanged out in this mall, because I could discover it even more.
And yes, Starbucks was good (though I drank a tumbler of water, free water, only!)

I'm so relieved now as I can easily touch up my black nails whenever I want. I'm lazy when it comes to painting nails, so thankfully I've got a great alternative. And the fact that I carry a black marker with me in the pencil case just makes the whole painting-the-nails-with-marker process smoother.

This is the second hairbrush of my life. I had the first one when I was a kid. The brush wasn't really good to my hair. So I always believed that brushes are not good at all, and my hair gets stuck in between their teeth.
But after using my cousin's hairbrush, I finally understood that no, not all the brushes are bad.
And that's when I made this purchase. I'm in love with this brush.
My hair looks crazily voluminous! 

Self-Notes and Studying
"Did you just say 'Studying'?" 
"Umm, yeah I did, sort of." 
Seriously I couldn't help myself but stare at self-notes for few seconds in between, while I studied for my finals. Though the handwriting wasn't up to the mark, the different colours it possessed made studying a colourful experience! 

The Birthday Greeting Card
I was deeply touched after I received this greeting from my best friend, Rutuja. I am impressed to see how much efforts she has taken to make it. 
I love handmade greetings more than the printed ones. And this pretty greeting is not an exception. 

Project Paint
No, I am not saying I loved the white paint, and the paint brush; all I am saying is that I loved the outcome of the two. The table and the bookshelf look neat and tidy after the paint (and yes, I've just revealed the 'object' here).
It is always better and cheaper to paint the furniture yourself, than calling painters for it; because you never know when your choices and tastes change.

I don't just love the fact that I got them as a token of appreciation, but also that they're amazingly beautiful. I always wanted a pack of highlighters, instead of using just one colour. I also love how smooth they are, and how I waited eagerly to use them while studying. I guess I must have wasted half of the precious time in highlighting the topics and subtopics.

Oh. My. My. I love this pen so much that I don't use it often, just to prevent its ink to be over any sooner.
And the design it has makes the look of the stuff inside my pencil case look cooler.

Tell me frankly, you secretly knew I would mention them in the things I loved this month.

Windows Theme
This theme is calm and chic. I love it.

You can say my impression towards cooking has upgraded. I've started enjoying it. I hope I start loving it, and help my mom in the kitchen (because when it comes to household chores, I'm a sucker).

There were few more things in the list, including a Photo Frame, my blog, and index cards. But the day was too short for me, and I am just exhausted now. I need rest. (I'll try adding items in the list tomorrow.)

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