20 Favourite Girly Movies (With Trailers)

by - April 06, 2014


I have a long list of girly movies, but I'm going to list only a few of them here. As the summer vacations are on, you might definitely be hunting for some movies. So that's why I thought of posting this!

ONE // Mean Girls

I love this movie because of the dialogues mainly; they're so fetch. And the character of Regina George played by Rachel McAdams is stunning. Her dialogue delivery, especially, is something what I liked. Rachel has played the character with such an ease. I love this movie...

TWO // Mean Girls 2

The second part of Mean Girls isn't as cool as the first one. However, I loved the character of Joe. And as it is a MEAN GIRLS movie, it definitely has a place on this list.

THREE // Wild Child

I like this movie because it shows the differentiation between the British and the Americans. Also, I think Emma looks too cute after colouring her hair brown. 

FOUR // The Devil Wears Prada

I love, love, love this movie, especially because of the outfits Anne Hathway wears in the movie. And for someone who is aspiring to join a magazine company, this movie is a must-watch. 

FIVE // The Clique

In this movie, you'll find sheer stupidity. The girls are so young, and still they're fashionistas. But the outfits they're wearing are cute, I must say. I didn't like the lead actress, though (and her outfits), but I nevertheless like the movie.

SIX // Sugar and Spice

This movie isn't a legendary girly movie or anything. But it has the essence of a girly movie. The story is absurd, but anyway, it is fun to watch.

SEVEN // Sorority Wars

I don't like the lead actress, but the movie is good. I always take interest in movies having sorority houses, because they are unusual in India.

EIGHT // New York Minute

Not exactly a girly movie, but I love it. I love twins, and I love Olsen twins a lot. The role played by Mary Kate is that of a metalhead and a drummer, so I like the movie even more. She's so cool.

NINE // Breakfast at Tiffany's

I watched this movie this April. And I'm wondering why I did not watch it earlier.
I'd thought this movie to be the one representing the higher class, but it is totally different. And the humorous scenes of the funny man in the building is something that interests the audience (well at least me).
And Audrey is brilliant as always!

TEN // 27 Dresses

A cute movie, and the dresses are adorable too! As always, Katherin Heigl looks stunning in this one as well. I believe she's one of the best picks for girly, rom-com sort of movies.

ELEVEN // Jawbreaker

Watch it, and you'll know! ;)

TWELVE // Confessions of a Shopaholic

She's seriously a Shopaholic! I haven't watched this movie fully, because I cannot bear how much she shops in it. (Am I crazy?) I have tried watching the movie several times but somehow stop it after the movie reaches a particular point. I feel nauseated seeing the way she shops!

THIRTEEN // Princess Diaries

I love movies having makeovers in it. Princess Diaries is a girly movie, with a weird girl turning into a princess.

FOURTEEN // Princess Diaries 2

The sequel to the Princess Diaries. I loved the first part more.

FIFTEEN // Bride Wars

I hate Kate Hudston, but it is a good movie; at least it has Anne Hathway in it!

SIXTEEN // Clueless

Alicia Silverstone's famous movie -- Clueless. Her character is so glamorous!

SEVENTEEN // Sydney White

Amanda Bynes starring as Sydney White. This movie is fun to watch, especially if you relate to Sydney.
EIGHTEEN // She's The Man

The movie has Channing Tatum in it! What else do you want?

NINETEEN // Coyote Ugly

It revolves around a bar, but I've liked it ever since I'd watched it in parts and bits on TV.

TWENTY // John Tucker Must Die

This is a hilarious movie! Even boys will like it, especially the character of John Tucker. It's a comedy girly movie. Do watch it as soon as possible. And oh! It has Sophia Bush too!

There are other movies like Sex And The City, Bring It On, Easy A, Ten Things I Hate About You, etc., but I haven't watched them.

Do you watch GIRLY movies? What is your list of the favourite girly movies of all time?

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