Self-Customized Cupboards

by - April 15, 2014

Yesterday before going to the gym, I went with my mom to a former society member's new apartment. She has a daughter who is in standard 6th.

I loved the cupboard/closet the little girl had in their living room.

(I wish I had a travel sized digicam with me. I'm really sorry for the bad image quality. My Windows camera acts weird sometimes.)

Anyway, I loved this cupboard. It is the little girl's, exclusively. I loved the design on it too.

There are four compartments in it. The narrower compartment that you see is the drawer. I'm so nosy, that I asked them to show me what was inside the cupboard. 

You too can get few tips from the way it was organized. 

First Compartment- All the craft projects.
Second Compartment- Her notebooks, textbooks, and story books.
Third Compartment (Drawer)- Stationery Items, which included poster colours, crayons, rulers, pens, sketch-pens, acrylic colours, etc.
Fourth Compartment- All the different bags (for school and two classes).

I loved how the little girl was showing me her cupboard with enthusiasm! 

The only problem with self-customization is the price; it is highly expensive than the ready-made cupboards/furniture. 


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