Ethnic Sling-Bags

by - April 16, 2014

The same lady from yesterday's post gave me this bag because I visited her apartment for the first time. I'm not a big fan of sling bags, but I really liked it.

I know I don't need to talk about sling-bags, as they're crazily in trend. But these bags, if traditional/ethnic, go great in pair with the Indian clothes too. Many times, we have nice dresses with gorgeous embroidery, but we don't necessarily have a bag/clutch that would go well with it.

These bags are great when you wear Leggings and Kurta too, as leggings don't have pockets to keep your cellphone or cash. 

So if you're just going out for a walk in kurta and leggings, or maybe have worn just because your mom has asked you to, and don't really wanna carry a handbag, then sling-bags are a perfect choice.

This sling-bag I got has a hook for attaching it to a Sari too. I might carry this on college's Sari Day, and keep a handkerchief, cellphone and money inside.

I just gave it a try yesterday on a teal coloured kurta. The bag is multicoloured, which means it would go nicely with different colours, and not just a particular one.

Do you like sling-bags?

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