The MONEY Envelope

by - April 22, 2014

You must be a taker of 'money' as gifts. And of course, your mom might be giving money as gifts too (especially in marriages).

But apart from the money, the envelope that it comes along with, as a gift, with 'Best Wishes' label on it, is as important as the money.

If you're receiving money, or giving money, do not think that your work is done there. The envelope that holds the money, while giving it, is important as well.
We all have always used those paper envelopes, and haven't really bothered the envelope to be an important part while gifting. That needs to be changed, needn't that?

Well my mom received a cute envelope by her aunt, for bangles. And I'm enthralled by it!

It is purple and golden, the combination that I liked from yesterday's post.

 I really liked the small golden ball (which is not a dragon ball) attached to the golden thread.

It looks like this after opening the flap.

How do you like the MONEY envelopes to be like? 

PS. Sorry for the stupid title name; I swear I couldn't think of anything better. 

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