Re-Use the Damaged Cardboard Boxes

by - April 18, 2014

Yet another tip from the storage-shelf cleaning.

While I was cleaning the shelf, I came across two-three boxes that had lost their shapes, and were damaged. So I quickly went back in time to when we had made an expense book and a greeting card together, and realized that I need cardboards/card-papers for the creative stuff that we do.

While I was cleaning the shelf, I kept aside these damaged boxes in a pile. Later I collected few more thick papers (card papers) that I got in the shelf. I kept all these cardboards and card-papers in a plastic bag.

And as usual, closed the bag with a cello tape and wrote 'Card Boards + Card Papers' on it.

The main motive behind collecting the damaged boxes as cardboards is to save money on the new ones.

Do you collect the damaged boxes, or buy new every time?

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