Goals-To-Achieve List // April

by - April 02, 2014

This month's Goals-to-Achieve List includes more resolutions than goals. The vacations are here, and I have ample of time to decide or think about the goals. Though I sit on the computer right after having breakfast, and get off from it at four (I've joined gym), and then sit back at six, again, I don't get enough time to write the blog peacefully. I'm currently watching One Tree Hill, and sometimes switch to movies too. I also browse Facebook for hours.
I just open the Facebook tab to post a photo on the page, and then after posting I find myself browsing through the news feed, and after a half-hour, I finally realize that I was browsing on Facebook for so much time, and that it's high time I close the tab, and resume writing the blog.
Facebook's news feed is addictive. All the other things just divert me from actually writing the blog. My mind is half-way into Tree Hill, or Facebook, or YouTube, and then I cannot give my 100% to the blog. I know that I am the one to blame.
Anyway, I've just finished watching the sixth season of OTH, and I'm feeling sentimental (needless to say). Still I'll try my best to compile all the thoughts and convert them into goals ('resolutions' for this month).

ONE // Bettering the Blog
I've told you this, and I must have mentioned it earlier too, but I cannot keep myself away from improving the blog, every day, simply every day of my life. And it saddens me if I don't improve any day. I've been currently in a phase where I cannot think, and the words don't come out, and I cannot form sentences. And the worse thing is, I don't even have time to correct the sentences (OTH side effects). Still with finishing the sixth season, just today, I might take a break from it, and concentrate on the blog again this April.

TWO // Helping Mom
I love my mom a lot, and I constantly feel sad because I don't help her. I lack patience, and hence working in the kitchen is not my cup of tea. Still I try my best to help her at least once, every day. (This might sound weird for all the mom-helpers out there.) So just like the previous months, even in this month, the goal of helping my mom will still take an important place in this list. 

THREE // Enjoying Vacations
Sadly, the summers in Mumbai are harsh and evil. Evil because they literally can make you fall unconscious. Still, vacations can be nicely spent indoors too. You can indulge in cooking, reading, watching TV, playing games, drawing, and in any indoor activity you like.
So I'm going to see to it that I enjoy my vacations to the fullest.

FOUR // Working Out Hard in Gym
I joined the gym from yesterday, again
I'd joined it last year in the vacations. As my college was in the afternoon, it was impossible to go for a workout, so I discontinued it.
But I'm back at it now. 
I really hope I work out really hard.

FIVE // Being Stylish
Actually, I still wear boy t-shirts, and unisex flip-flops; I want to try something different this month. As I'm 20 now, I feel I need to change my style-statement a bit. So I'm thinking of continuing the t-shirts, but add up a scarf, or a cap, maybe?

SIX // Reading Lots of Books
Reading Books* 
I'm not a reader, but I want to become one. I know reading is not as simple as ABC, but I still can read at least two books this month? It won't be tough.
I've started reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen; and I have a 'Life of Pi' lying on the bookshelf too. I'll try reading these two books in April. 
Actually, the problem with reading is that I lack concentration too. I cannot read if there are disturbances around. (If you can help me with this, please help; it will be grateful.)

SEVEN // Improving Vocabulary
I have a tip for improving the vocab, and if it works out, I'll surely share it here. I need to improve and widen my vocab. 

EIGHT // Taking Care of Myself
I'm a clumsy person when it comes to taking care of me. I'll make sure that I apply sunscreen most of the times, I wash my face at appropriate intervals, I take a good care of my hair...and I, well, read #FOUR.

What are your Goals/Resolutions of April?

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