Fancy Invitation Cards

by - April 21, 2014

I zealously wait to get an invitation card every time my relatives call my mom up, and ask her to tell them our postal address. The designs on these cards are so pretty. Nowadays, apart from the pretty designs and colours, the shapes of these cards are mind-blowing as well.
When earlier, people used to give typical styled cards, now you can see amazingly unique ones.

And as you know that we use these cards further to make greetings and related activities on TPCG, I do collect them and keep them inside my favourite pink Strawberry Shortcake Folder.

Here are some of my favourites-

Have you seen a conical shaped card before? Incredible, isn't it? This is my aunt's wedding card.

It looks like this after removing the satin thread. This is one of the uniquest shapes of invitation cards I have ever seen.
(And yes, I'm going for her wedding on the next 10th.)

UPDATE: This wedding card was designed and made by my aunt herself. She is an artist. She designs and makes artworks by the name MEENAL ARTS. A website will be launched soon. So don't copy the design or the shape without her consent.

If you want to make yourself feel like Royalties, then make an old royal styled invitation card for your wedding. I'm so impressed by this style.

'Ma'am and Sir, you are ROYALLY invited to the wedding.' Sounds brilliant.

The card and its envelope are simple, but the design is pretty, and so I liked it.

This card has a wooden feel.

I liked the idea of Lord Ganesh and His eye.

The next up is the scented invitation card. The scented ones are so much in trend. And believe me or not, the fragrance is still intact. 
I also liked the golden design on it.

I liked the simplicity of this card. It is just a single paper with a cute shape, and a bow on the left hand side corner.

The colour combination is beautiful -- Purple and Golden.

And it has a thick box like structure. I loved the design too.

This is the UNIQUEST card amongst all. Is it even a card?! Yes, it is!

How pretty it is from the insides! Looks like a Sun.

We just need to pull the golden thread to open this unique envelope.

My nephew's thread ceremony is on the 1st. And I'm definitely going. I liked the texture of the paper, and the cut on the right side of the envelope.

Remember the orange paper of this card? We had used it to write the title on our Expense Book.

Do you collect Invitation Cards?

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