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by - April 09, 2014

I'm thinking of doing a Mini-series of the different collections I have. I just hope it goes on nicely.

I have been wearing hairbands ever since childhood, because I always had a boy-cut. Though I have pretty long hair now, sometimes I like to take my hair back with a band. I've been collecting hairbands (for the long hair) from my 11th standard.

Well, my friend gave me this blue coloured devil horned hairband when he came from a Mumbai Indians' match, as a souvenir.

I got this lovely red coloured bow-hairband from China. I LOVE it.

These are other hairbands.

I remember I had bought a dozen different coloured hairbands in eleventh. And the yellow, lime, and the blue coloured that you see in the picture, are the remnants of the dozen-hairbands-pack.

And do you see a comparatively thicker yellow coloured hairband? That's my friend's, and it costs Rs. 100! I am serious.

These are the only hairbands I have now. I don't think I would buy one more in the future, but if it's a fancy one, I would surely think of buying it.

Are you a hairband collector?

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