Spring Cleaning (Summer Cleaning)

by - April 03, 2014

It's time for Spring Cleaning, but in India, it's time for Summer Cleaning. 
My closet was already clean and tidy, and I had to just move the clothes and arrange them differently.

As it is summer here, I have to abandon my black coloured clothes for this season. I have a crazy collection of black clothes, and they appear more or less similar to others.
So for this season, I don't wear black coloured clothes, and hence I have to keep them separately in the closet. 
May it be any season; I always keep the clothes that are out-of-trend or out-of-season separately. For summer, I keep away the dark coloured clothes; for rainy season, I keep away the white or light coloured clothes, and for winter, I keep the warm clothes.

So in this post, the 'Cleaning' will mean the re-arrangement of the clothes according to the summer heat.

These are my brother's pair of glasses, and they are from Fastrack. He forgot to carry it to UK while going back, so I need to be happy, but I'm not, because unfortunately they don't suit my face-shape.

Anyway, there are eight piles of clothes in this compartment.
1st pile, 2nd pile and the two behind them are all the non-summer clothes. I've kept all the black coloured clothes, along with the clothes that have thick material or a bad material in the left side of the compartment.

The 3rd, 4th and the piles behind them have the summery clothes. The 3rd and the 4th pile have all the t-shirts that I wear on regular basis. The pile behind the 3rd one has all the Kurtis and Leggings that are light enough for summer. And the pile behind the 4th one has all the home and gym clothes. I might switch the places of the 4th pile with the pile that is behind the 4th one, as I don't go out very often, but go gym regularly.

So if I have to go out/gym, I know I have to search clothes from only the four piles that are to the right hand side of the closet.

Now let's see the different aspects of the newly arranged summer closet.

These t-shirts are very comfortable in summer.

It's nothing like I have read somewhere to avoid dark coloured clothes in summer, or anything. I myself cannot wear them, in spite of loving black colour so much, because I feel uncomfortable, and then I sweat a lot, and it leads to an oily skin.

My three caps always have a place on these hooks. And they look super summery. 

These floral tunics are summer-friendly. I had few in black colour too, but I kept them separately, folded on the pile. 
And there's a leather jacket behind the clothes, and it is immovable (I mean it is too precious to keep untidily).

And you've already seen the glasses.

Do you change the arrangement inside your closet according to the season? 

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