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by - April 19, 2014

I've told you guys already that I have lot of shopping bags. Alright, shopping bags refer to those plastic/paper bags that we get from stores, after purchasing stuff.

I'd also posted the different uses of these bags.

So while cleaning the storage shelf a week ago, I piled up these bags and kept them on the top compartment of the shelf.

I've not just kept the paper bags here, but the plastic ones too. As after summer, it will be monsoon's arrival, and I will require the plastic bags.

I carry the bag depending on what I'm wearing too. If I'm in a sporty look, I'll carry an Adidas one. If I'm in a traditional look, I'll carry an ethnic looking bag (in the picture above).

I also carry the bag depending on the use. For example, if I have to keep a lunch box, I'll carry the smallest size of one of these bags; if I have to carry an assignment, I'll take a long sized bag; if I have to carry project and project related stuff, I'll carry a long but a strong bag.

I love this 'MEIXO At the Bund' bag. The design on it is simply stunning! I carry it to college if I want to get a cool look on traditional attire.

And then sometimes I carry an Allen Solly (or other formal clothes-selling brand) bag to college on a presentation day to go with my semi-formal attire.

I used this SONY S-Frame bag for taking the blown balloons from my house to the terrace, for the New Year's Eve.

Do you have these bags?

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