Organizing Poster Colours

by - April 17, 2014

I might not be an appropriate person to tell about organizing 'poster/water colours', because I'm not an artist or a person who draws or paints regularly. 

But anyway, while I was cleaning the store-shelf, I got this tip, and I hope it does help you guys too.

I had these two boxes of poster colours, and wanted to get rid of the two boxes, and instead use only one to put all the twenty-four shades. I used these colours in my school days, as Drawing was a compulsory subject to us till standard 9th (I guess). 
I don't use poster colours (except for a few days back) now. So I thought of organizing them in one container rather than two.

Earlier I used this pouch as the multi-utility one. But now I shifted the stuff to a different bag, and used this one for the poster colours. 
As I had twenty-four bottles in total, I needed a bigger bag to hold them all together. 

The pouch you see in the picture is easily available in the stores. 

How do you organize poster colours?

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