17 Romantic Movies Of All Time (With Trailers)

by - April 08, 2014

I'm listing below few romantic tear-jerkers movies that I've watched. 

ONE // The Notebook

I can watch this movie hundreds of times. The chemistry, the acting, the attire, the place and time setting...everything is superb. If I ever want to watch another romantic movie, I'd search for a movie LIKE The Notebook. 
Rachel McAdmas and Ryan Gosling are a lovely couple. I LOVE this movie, and it's one of my FAVOURITES, and I MEAN that.

TWO // The Vow

Yet another cute movie by Rachel McAdams. Gosh, I think nobody's laughter is as cute as hers, at least in Hollywood. She's marvelous. And then, it has CHANNING TATUM.

THREE // Message In A Bottle

A different movie with slightly aged people as the lead actors. I liked the actor and his dad(!)

FOUR // Sleepless In Seattle

Meg Ryan's lovely movie.

FIVE // Flipped

A young romance. A very innocent movie.

SIX // Safe Haven

The start of the movie is thrilling, and even in between you wonder whether it is a suspense movie, or a romantic one.
I LOVE this movie as well.
Must, must, must watch. 
And JOSH! The last smile he gives to her is mind-blowing.

SEVEN // Titanic

Does it need an explanation?

EIGHT // The Last Song

I hate Miley Cyrus. The only reason I watched the movie was to see the chemistry between a former couple  -- Liam and Miley.
But it's a good movie. Do watch it.

NINE // A Walk To Remember

The plot twist was expected.
A movie adapted from the book by Nicholas Sparks.

TEN // Waiting For Ever

I don't know whether I like the movie or no; but it is different (or weird).

ELEVEN // Dear John

This movie is special to me, because it is about an Army man. I did not like the plot twist though.

TWELVE // One Day

We all make such promises, but do we keep them?

THIRTEEN // Pride and Prejudice 

A movie adapted from Jane Austen's book. 
Kiera Knightley looks stunning.

FOURTEEN // P.S. I Love You

A beautiful movie, though I didn't like the end.

FIFTEEN // The Young Victoria

A movie about Queen Victoria.

SIXTEEN // Like Crazy

A British and an American fall in love.

SEVENTEEN // Somewhere in Time

I just watched it. Such a beautiful movie. MUST WATCH. A typical romantic movie. I might burst into tears anytime. 

What are the items on your list? (I still have to watch Casablanca, Gone With The Wind, and other famous romantic movies other than those I've mentioned.)

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