Project Paint

by - April 23, 2014

Finally the Project Paint!

I wanted to buy a new table for my computer. However, after checking the prices, I was taken aback; they were too high. Till date, my parents have always bought the furniture and other high-cost things at home. This was the very first time I was looking out for a table all by myself. But I seriously was surprised. I don't want to buy an expensive table, but a simple and a stylish one. After thinking really hard, I finally came to the conclusion--to improvise and to do a makeover of the table I already had.

This table had three problems then--the nasty doodling of markers on the tabletop, the height, and the faded colour.
I could gulp up the nasty doodles (because it was me who drew them), and I could call the painters to paint the table. But the main problem was the height of the table; the height was troublesome to me.
I could not take the chair towards the keyboard-drawer and keep my legs below it. It gave my back a serious pain, but I had no option. I still had to write assignments, projects and more importantly, my blog, on this computer.

So we thought of a solution which was really (stupid and) simple--We put two paats (planks) below the legs of the table, to give the table a good height.

The last thing that bothered me was the colour on it. I thought it would've been better to paint the table myself, than calling the painters at home. And well that's exactly how the PROJECT PAINT struck me.


This is how the table looked like before PP. And those are the paats (planks). 
Well sorry about the 'Rockstar'. (And by the way, this is my computer table.)


I wanted to paint the yellow part too, but hadn't decided which colour. Maybe when we will renovate the house, I will ask them to paint my table too.


Again, sorry for the 'Great' and 'Rutuja' here. And no, it isn't 'Great Rutuja'.
This is the shelf in my room which has the Storage-Shelf, Favourite Compartment, Bookshelf and the Easy-to-Access shelf. And coincidentally, all of the shelves have been posted on the blog already.


Unfortunately I couldn't erase the two embarrassing words, but anyway, this is the outcome of the Project Paint.

Have you painted/drawn anything on your room?

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